Bringing families closer by spending quality time together sharing heart felt stories, fun activities and new words fostering a stronger bond between generations.

Get Together Books is endorsed by the folks at Stanford Youth Solutions.

Portions of the sale of each book will be donated to this local charitable organization. To learn more about how they help children & families visit them online at  Stanford Youth Solutions or contact them directly at 8912 Volunteer Lane, Sacramento, CA 95826. (916) 344-0199.

A Family Activity Children's Story Book Series

Dolly hopped out of the van and began to look all around. Her eyes could not believe what they were seeing.

-Excerpt from the new book Dolly's Adventure.

Remember playing catch with your dad?   Helping your mom bake cookies?    Digging in the garden with your grandmother?   Or going out to dinner with your aunt and uncle?

These were all experiences that, although may have been small, they helped develop memories that fostered the development of your character and a stronger bond between you and those people that took the time to be with you and make you feel important.   In these times of high tech, five second sound bites, video games, cell phone apps and a myriad of other distractions that all add to the separation of families, the important childhood memories are being lost.

These books can help facilitate a conduit back to the days when families spent more quality time together in  stories, activities and words that can enhanced the bond felt between generations once again.