Dwight is the creator, publisher and owner of
Get Together Books.

Hello my little readers and their family members my name is Anastasia but my friends call me Nastya (my pen name is Nasia). I was born in Russia, in the city of Yoshkar-Ola.

I have wonderful parents who worked all their lives as teachers. I love my mother and father.  Also I have a beloved sister and brother, as well as favorite niece.  And there's my cousin and her charming son of course I also love them too. I have 5 best friends and they are just wonderful people, and I have a godson and goddaughter whom I adore.

Also, I have two cats Masya and Bober (means beaver), they are my favorite cute pets.  I have many friends and they are all very nice people.

My best friend's name is Dwight, and it was his idea for me to tell you this story and draw these pictures.  I hope you like the story  of Grandma Owl's Great Idea and it will be fun and interesting to read.

When I was little, my grandmother Zhenya  told me very interesting tales that she made up for just me. Unfortunately, last year my grandma died, but I want to dedicate my story in her memory.  I believe that she will hear about my tale in heaven and smile. 

Nasia, with her cat Masya, is the author and illustrator for the current series and lives in St. Petersburg Russia.

Sarah is the book  designer and editor of
Get Together Books.

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I studied art and design at the University of California, Davis and in addition to many years of experience in the field of public relations, I've also worked as a managing editor for a national magazine before joining  the staff of Get Together Books. 

I grew up on a small dairy farm with wonderful parents and lived next door to my grandparents growing up.  It was a wonderful way to be raised and the mission of Get Together Books fits in very well with my personal desire to connect with the people in my life in meaningful ways. 

I live in Minnesota with my dog Poppy and have a great stepkid who is a constant inspiration to me.

My foundations in the literary world have nothing to do with writing children's stories but are based in the life sciences, biology, ecology and genetics.  However I started out working in the medical field as a nurse for 13 years before moving on to become a wildlife biologist and graduating with a B.A. in Organismal Biology from U.C. Berkeley and a Masters Degree from San Francisco State in Ecology.

I am also a father of two children, now both adults.  So the accumulation of biology, medicine and being a father came together to show you that I have a deep concern for all aspects of life and the stories I want to bring forth and the concept of bringing families closer together in a positive fashion are what drives my desire for these particular stories to be shared with the public in this unique fashion.

I live in Sacramento, California with my three cats, Jumper, Tippy and Bear, and am a retired wildlife biologist.  More recently I became a certified chef graduating from Le Cordone Bleu. 

About Get Together Books

We designed Get Together Books to help families spend more time together - to put down the cell phones, turn off  computers, Gameboys, iPod's TV's - to enjoy a simple story that can change the meaning of "quality time."

Your children are only young once and the time you have with them now will never come back again. You have this one time to get it right!

Sociologists, psychologist, teachers and most heath care professionals all agree that reading to, and with your children, is one of the best activities you can do to make them mentally and socially prepared for a successful well adjusted future adult life.  Parents who do this help their children succeed in school, as they will be well ahead of children that do not engage in this kind family activity. In addition, it is the best way to create a stronger family bond of love and support that provides children with the confidence they need to venture into the world and have loving and lasting relationships of their own.

These books add to this level of family interaction by providing simple activities that children and adults can do together. This adds to the family experience overall. It also reinforces the importance of increasing and challenging a child's level of vocabulary and thought process.  Our stories are also designed to foster imagination, creativity, social diversity and acceptance of others not like themselves. 

In addition to the story and activities to share and discuss, each story has a list of words at the end of it that are not defined. We did this so that you can discuss them together to further enhance learning and family interaction for more quality time spent together.

We hope you enjoy reading these books as much as we've enjoyed creating them.